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Containerized Solutions

We are specialized in fabrication of shipping containers prefab housing and small civil works.
We offer Container Conversion as a solution for job sites and camps

Companies and organizations

Our container conversions consist of 20ft or 40ft units converted to:
Offices ,meeting room, class room, accommodation units, senior suite, ablution blocks, kitchen,
dining area, laundry, clinics, security booth, stores, reefers, workshops and many other, as per client

Private sector

Shopping centers, Commercial stalls, fast food restaurant, coffee shop, butcheries, barber shops,
class room, schools, and clinics.

Civil Works

We also offer small scale Civil works for site preparation and installation of the containers units.
In that regard, we provide the following services:

Concrete foundation, walkways, canopies, staircases, fences, gates, plumbing works, sewage lines,
water line connection, septic tanks, water tanks, recycled water as well as connection of all the units
to one system.

More Services

Complete electric system, generator, distribution board, main panel power line connection, exterior
lighting, and preparation of infrastructure for security and alarm system.
Solar systems: go green and save operations cost. We offer Stand-alone units/plug and play, connect
to the solar system, solar water heater, solar air condition, lights, fridge, laptops and TV.

We have in house architects designers and are capable of providing engineering plans and 3d designs as well as consultation.
All the service you need coordinate under one umbrella.